About a paragraph mark

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Why is a form different although there are various paragraph marks? Does it change in the time? Or is it a style?
Paragraph marks

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Typophile Advanced Search is great. There are some information about the development of the pilcrow in this past thread.

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Thanks for digging up that link, Eduardo.

The Pilcrow is a great character to get creative with. The one thing to keep in mind though is this: it might seem intuitive to make it match the color of the alphabetic characters in the font, but this ruins its functionality. The Pilcrow has to be dark to work right.


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Thanks, Eduardo and Hrant.

Pilcrow! I've never know this mark's name.

I create the typeface now. I thought that I had to arrange the color of a typeface, and the color of a sign. Suppose I made the typeface of an old style, I had to combine the sign of an old style, and thought that a modern style had to make the sign of a modern style.

I have to study more and more. I'm interested in Parkes's book "Pause and Effect: An Introduction to the History of Punctuation in the West" .

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>Does it change in the time? Or is it a style?

AFAIK, both. IIRC, the pilcrow was originally based on the letter "c" (see Jenson). Don't remember why exactly. The "modern" pilcrow have two thin vertical strokes, but I don't why either...

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