Candide title

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Could anybody give a hint where I can find similar kind of pictures represented on the attached title of Candide?

Any help is appritiated!
Do you have an idea what font is there as well?
Thanks a lot.


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Well, Baskerville's fonts were used to print the works of Voltaire, but that was towards the end of the 18th century, not around the middle as the date there says. Plus the "E" is not Baskerville.

Serge, do you have a better scan, or maybe some publication info?

Also, I have to ask: how close do you need to come, and would that include the "weathered" look?


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As far as the illustration ...
Dover has hundreds of clip art books that
might have what you're looking for.

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Thank you all!

This is the title of the very first edition of Candide.
I got this image from the web.
I think I can create the "weathered" look myself but I would like to know what font would be used at the time when Voltaires' works were published.

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You need to look at the offerings of the French foundries around that time, like at Deberny. Look to the articles by Ovink in Quaerendo, as well as the works by Audin and Thibaudeau.

But actually, Baskerville became very fashionable in France shortly after Voltaire (and continues to hold a special place in French publishing) so it might be the best choice. On the other hand, its design goes against the "antique" look.


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Thank you Hrant!
I think I will use your advice.


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Phew, without lowercase it's not going to be easy to ID the typeface.
I thought Bembo, but the open bowl on the P doesn't match.

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