New free fonts: AW Conqueror by Typofonderie for Arjowiggins

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Jean François Porchez was approached at the end of 2009 by Reflex Image to create a set of typefaces to relaunch the Conqueror papers collection. An important website and various others communications material was created by the agency. The designer Seb Lester and the photographer Thomas Brown have been hired to created various visuals using Conqueror fonts.

Launched in 2010, AW Conqueror is a family of Free fonts available at website. This family include 5 variations with great potential: Small glyph sets, mostly all caps, but based on same structure, with some connection between them (width for example), to offer a great & easy titling toolbox to any designers, from skillful to beginner.

We should recall that a paper collectionis generally based on similar roots, with various “flavors,” colors. A collection of typefaces should reflect this similar mood, even the style of papers should be reflected into the fonts. The typefaces style built all together the brand. Each of the members try their best to be different from the others because of their features. They should work harmoniously in contrast.

-- Fonts preview and download:
-- AW Conqueror at Typofonderie:
-- Full pdf specimen:
-- Typofonderie hot news featuring examples of use:
-- Youtube channel:

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These are superb!

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Very, very nice!

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I'm looking forward to putting these to use!

Arjowiggins has also commissioned a collection of free hand-drawn illustrations, called Conqueror Possibilities, available here:

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These are really wonderful!

That said, could you clarify the EULA for us? There was some confusion surrounding it:

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They are gorgeous! nicely done work! Bravo!

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Jon, John, Marcox, dhannah,
Many thanks for your comments.
Along with the team at Conqueror papers, Reflex Image and Typofonderie, we all looking forward to see nice use of theses fonts in the forthcoming weeks.

Reflex Image and Conqueror working on few improvement on the website. Various things will be added, including conditions of use in few basic points. Until then, if you take time to read this: You've have the answer to your question.

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Thanks a lot for this wonderful font!

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"The licence follow the usual commercial font licence, so you can use for any projects, but not allowed to distribute the fonts to third parties. The only difference is that you don’t have to paid for your licence."


Ah! Much clearer! Thanks for that. And thanks so much for sharing these typefaces with everyone. They are lovely.

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Something nice happened… The Conqueror-team contacted me directly after heaving read here about my problems with the download. Their ‘Data Manager’ was kind enough to send me a working link and later on a zip with all the fonts.

Thank you!

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beautiful! love the Didot! can I use them with @font-face? ...I haven't read the EULA

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Are you supposed to get a reply link after filling out the form? I have yet to get a reply from a request a few days ago.

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That happened to me too… There is something Flash-y going wrong, I guess.

In case it doesn’t work out for you, I can forward the files AJ sent me (assuming they are okay with that).

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"I can forward the files AJ sent me (assuming they are okay with that)."

In general: do you forward to third parties the fonts you just bought? I don't think so.
Its the same here with AW Conqueror.

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Yea, 'do not redistribute' would seem to be a key element of the EULA. ;)

As usual, Flash sucks. *sigh*.

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Bone-to-the-Jour! This little collexi’yone is trey magnifeek.

Every one is a perfect gleaming gem—not a stone amongst them!

The Didot is exceptionnel! Swashes, Ligatures, Beginnings, and Endings with no ending.

Who do we thank? Arjowiggins!

Who do we thank endlessly? Jean François Porchez!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mike Diaz :-)

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Seems @font-face is out of the question.
You can only use it when the final outcome is a hard copy (book, magazine, leaflet, etc.) or when extraction is prohibited using the PDF's settings. It goes on to prohibit placing it on a server or somewhere where it can be accessed by other parties.

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yes, that was a lazy question because haven't read the EULA at that time, now I have #tomuchthingstodo

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You can only use it when the final outcome is a hard copy (book, magazine, leaflet, etc.)
Makes sense for a paper manufacturer.

Great fonts.

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Well, I emailed them directly and got an almost immediate reply with the typefaces via email. So thanks to Richard at AW Conqueror for such great service, thanks to AW Conqueror for offering these and thanks to Jean for designing and sharing such nice faces!

(The 'hard copy only' is a bit of a bummer, but understandable given they're a paper company.)

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It's nice to know there's a company doing good deeds this way.
Thanks a lot to Jean François Porchez, Arjowiggins and Reflex!

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@jfp: The fonts are free. The way to obtain them is sometimes not working, so it’s just a gesture of goodwill of mine to offer to forward them in case the regular way doesn’t work for a fellow Typophile…

Ik AW were unhappy with that they would chime in here.

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I am sorry I didn't get to meet you in LA at TypeCon. I saw your presentation but never seemed to cross your path afterwards.
Perhaps next time,


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Simply wonderful, thank you!

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I cannot for the life of me download the fonts. I don't have Internet Explorer but Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera all give me varying degrees of grief and, worst of all, I can't even get their contact form to work for me.

If someone could be so kind as to post Conqueror's contact email so that I can ask them for help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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I cannot for the life of me download the fonts.

The direct link does not work for some reason but you can still get to that path through the website. Go to their main website and then click on Solutions in the left hand column, which will reveal a sub menu containing the link to the Typefaces. I have posted the link as it appears when I arrive on the page, below:

It could be that the original one is no longer working because of the absence of "http://www."

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