(x) Crocodile Beat - VGC Ryter Night (Edgewise NF Black) {Angel}

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Anyone recognize this?
from a children's book ... Scholastic, 1988.

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Maybe something from Chartpak or Mecanorma?

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thanks for the suggestions! ... I checked Chartpak and
didn't find it ... I found a Mecanorma catalog via
bookfinder ... crossing my fingers.

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Not in Mecanorma, either, BJ. Sorry not to mention this sooner. Not that the MN catalog is a bad thing to have around, though. I checked Zipatone, too. There are some real oddballs in that one.

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Any chance that it's something from Solotype?

... checking my shelf of Dover excerpts right now ...

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thanks for checking all.

while on the subject ....

Photo Lettering

any other catalogs like these?

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A few more rub-down type catalogs to be on the lookout for:

Formatt <--good one
Prestype (very low end--first I ever used)
Transfertech (beware--lots of pirated stuff in this one from Headliners, Alphabet Innovations, ITC, VGC, and others)

Other headline font sources:

TypeSettra (from Canada)
Alphabet Innovations
WTC (founded by some former ITC people)
LetterGraphics (although much of their library was pirated stuff)
Type Films of Chicago (almost all pirated stuff)

Catalogs from display typesetting houses are good too. These varied from city to city and contained fonts from one or more of the above sources.

Some defunct phototypesetting machine manufacturers which may have catalogs worth looking at:

H. Berthold <--these are beauties

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This looks like hand made to me. Some characters have strong differences to belong to a font like the lc "t".

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I think you are correct Hector ...

Mark, thanks for that list ... I was able to
track some of them down via bookfinder.


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Kewl! Don't like the "r" tho.

Oh, and I don't have a clue ... :-)

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Is it the bastard child of ITC Bolt and August?

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I had to resurrect this thread as VGC's Ryter Night has been digitised by Nick Curtis as Edgewise NF Black (with some variations).


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