[Emigre News] Cholla Additions & Mrs Eaves OpenType Font Releases

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Cholla Font Release
Mrs Eaves OpenType Font Release
ATypI: The Shape of Language

Cholla Font Release:
Additional weights and styles to compliment the original
Cholla fonts.

Cholla Italics $95 (Thin & Bold Italic, Thin & Bold Oblique)
Cholla Wides $95 (Wide Italic, Wide Bold, Wide Bold Italic,
Wide Ultra Bold & Wide Ultra Bold OldStyle)

Original Cholla font release:
Cholla Sans: $95 (Thin, Regular, Italic & Bold)
Cholla Slab: $95 (Thin, Regular, Italic & Bold)
Cholla Wide/Unicase: $95 (Wide, Wide Small Caps & Unicase)

Cholla Family Volume: $299 (All Cholla fonts.)

For more information, check out:

The Cholla typeface family was designed by Sibylle Hagmann in
1998-99 and named after a species of cactus she encountered
in the Mojave Desert. Cholla was originally developed for the
Art Center College of design in Pasadena, California. There,
art director Denise Gonzales Crisp and associate designer,
Carla Figueroa, collaborated with Hagmann to create a series
of fonts that would offer a great deal of variation.

Mrs Eaves OpenType

Mrs Eaves is the first Emigre font to be released in OpenType
format. This format makes it possible to incorporate
typographic features, such as small caps, ligatures, old style
numerals and lining numerals, all within one font file, thereby
simplifying font management and usage. The Mrs Eaves OpenType
package contains the equivalent of over 17 fonts. It includes
everything in the Regular package, the Smart Ligatures package
and more!

Mrs Eaves OpenType Roman Italic and Bold: $299

Upgrades: Registered customers who have purchased both the
Mrs Eaves Package and the Mrs Eaves Smart Ligatures Package
may upgrade to the OpenType Package for $149.

For more information, check out:

ATypI: The Shape of Language

ATypI's Rome conference, September 19 - 22, 2002, will be the
biggest gathering of the type and typographic world in a
decade, where you will enjoy the treasures of one of the world's
greatest cities.

"The Shape of Language" embraces the following themes:
International Issues Forum (problems and solutions); Italian
Design Forum (current & retrospective); Historical Perspectives
(back and ahead). Conference registration is now open; take
advantage of early booking discounts until May 30, 2002.

ATypI is the only independent worldwide organisation dedicated
to type and typography. ATypI's membership, from more than 40
countries, is truly international and includes the best known
and most talented designers whose friendship you are assured.

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