what do you think of this assignment?

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Hi everone , I just made this typographic composition wich has the objective of comunicating the message using typography. Do you think the message get across? And in addition does the composition is respecting the goal?

Nothing too fancy , just an assignment .



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Not really, no :) I have no idea what it means. (I could think about it awhile like a rebus, but that would be counter to the point...)

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It reminds me of those YouTube music videos that chop up the lyrics into tiny meaningless pieces and assigns each one an image from Google. You've illustrated "on the top", you've illustrated "every", and you've illustrated "page". You're not treating the phrase as one coherent thought.

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What do you mean by "comunicating the message using typography"?

Does that mean the message should be carried in the way the words are crafted, not in the meanings of the words?

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