Script Typefaces for Wedding Invitations?

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I rarely work with script typefaces, which I am trying to do more of, but for now, I am looking for some elegant yet legible script typefaces (and a body copy typeface, too, if you can find a good match of both) for some wedding invitations I am designing.

I would appreciate any help.

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Pretty broad request, isn’t it?
I would start here:

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I used Burgues Script paired with Feijoa for a wedding this weekend. Worked out pretty well.

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Young Gallant by Doyald Young. A Masterpiece

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does this wedding have any type of theme?

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Bickham script with alternates glyphs. Swashes and fancy descenders/ascenders.

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Some Font Bureau options promoted here:

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Let me suggest you some Sudtipos fonts like Compendium, Affair, Adios Script, Burgues Script or Miss LeGatees. Check at


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I've spent some time researching wedding fonts for my job, and the sudtipos fonts mentioned above are definitely some of the best for wedding invitations. Burgues, Adios, and Miss LeGatees can be seen on Bella Figura's letterpress site for inspiration (although the fonts are given different names by Bella Figura)

Other good script fonts for wedding invites besides the good but overused Bickham Script:
Novia (Font Bureau)
Sloop (Font Bureau)
Tangier (Font Bureau)
Gravura (myfonts, fontshop)
Citadel Script (fontshop)
Memoir (veer)
Montague Script (veer)
P22 Zaner
P22 Allyson
Plumero Script (veer, fontshop)
Feel Script (veer)
Olicana Smooth (veer, fontshop)
Annabelle (veer)
Dear Sarah (veer)
Nelly Script (myfonts)

For complimentary type (usually set in all caps or small caps), engravers gothic and sackers gothic light go well with most scripts. Also, letterspaced geometric fonts in a lighter weight look good- fonts like Futura, Verlag, Mr. Eaves Modern, or Neutraface No. 2. I've seen some cool minimalist invites using H and FJ's Archer. For serif type, Mrs. Eaves definitely evokes wedding but is not the most original choice. Adobe Garamond capitals look good but are more formal. The trajan alternative called Classic Roman also works well in a wedding invite context.

Elum also has some cool invites

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