Mid-Century Europeanish Board Game

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Greetings Folks,
I'm looking for a suggestion for a modernist typeface or two to use for a mid-century, Europeanish card game...something slightly swiss and a bit serious.
I know the usual suspects, but I've been looking at some wildcards: FF BAU, Akkurat, DIN ROUNDED, FOUNDERS GROT, and ROUTER (which would really soften up the look and lower the age group).

Any wild and crazy suggestions?

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Well-chosen name: I understand that the Overland Submarines didn't work out...

The time period's right, but more Spanish than Swiss...


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How about ARS Maquette?

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Thanks guys.

Nick, I think your suggestion is a little too expressive, but I like it. ARS Maquette looks like it might be perfect. It's well-balanced (on my screen), has good color and I don't see it stepping on the artwork to come.

The field narrows...

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Not sure if you want/need any more suggestions, but how about Graphik maybe: http://commercialtype.com/typefaces/graphik

Or if you want something that's actually Swiss, Replica might be interesting too (it's a bit fresher than Akkurat, and I think less frequently used too):

More classic/closer to what you had with ARS Maquette:
Theinhardt from Optimo (also a Swiss foundry)

You might also want to look through this list over at FontShop:

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By the way, what exactly is this project about? It sounds interesting.

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