Contemporary Serifs

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Hi Everyone

I am looking for examples of contemporary serifs.

Is there something like that? Would it simply mean serifs developed in the last couple of years, or is there something distinctly different about the design, the style of the characters? I have been looking at Fedra Serif, Mrs Eaves, Farnham even some slab fonts like FS Clerkenwell. Are they seen as contemporary? Or is there something else I'm missing.


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Considering some people I know refer to Futura as contemporary,
You might be interested in some of our "contemporary" serifs:

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Maybe as “contemporary” you could consider the several chunky serif design of the recent years. Typical, for example, of the outcomes of Reading and evident in the distinction between TheSerif and TheAntiqua by Luc(as) De Groot.

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Paradigm: convex flair. Beaufort: asymptotic sharpness.

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Thank you everyone.

Freiberger where can I get Palimpsest? Its a very well refined piece of work. Congratulations.

From this list the design that surprised me the most was definately Vesper and Premiera.. Truly beautiful typefaces,...and dare I say, contemporary.

Nick please tell me more...

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Thank you very much, Gustav. The font is still under development. I plan to release the whole family between January and March, 2011. It will be informed here in Typophile.

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Looking forward to it Igor.

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Well, since you consider Mrs. Eaves, which is a revival that turns toward the soft side, here's another that I think has a different look.

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Gustav, I present my two faces above as new ways of formalizing serif structure, rather than decorative treatments.

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Skeletons of Paradigm, Beaufort, Adobe Caslon. There is nothing decorative there (maybe except of small artifacts), and if - it's rather in Caslon.

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Paradigm: apart from Cooper Black, I don't know of any other faces with convex serifs.
So convex-on-on-the-bottom, sharp-on-the-sides is a new idea.

Beaufort: the serifs have an (almost) asymptotic construction, so that they are very sharp at any size, without optical scaling:

These ideas may or may not be particularly useful typographically, but they are contemporary in a way that decorative serif styling is not.

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