Similarity issue

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How do you advise that in situations when a page set with the font you make (a typeface in which every letter, retail and proportion are your original assumption) look like set with an existing, well-known font?

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Do you mean print or screen?

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Print. And I mean the whole impression of a page. My font behaves like one of oldstyle serifs. I don't care of fools, but now - when I found the similarity - it's hard for me to introduce some further details (fine tuning), since I am affraid of making the similarity deeper.

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So, both metrics and colour?

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Similar colour and, hmm... similar angles?

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Well, for one, the fine tuning could lessen the similarity.
And, said similarity could well be a selling point after all: there are lots of requests for fresher faces which are similar/compatible or have the same feeling of older ones.

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Thank you.

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Or you scrap the design and move on to something else. It happens.

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You could change the colour by changing the rhythm of the verticals.
The important ratio is the vertical strokes in "i_n".
Either they are even, or the space inside n is larger/smaller than the space between glyphs.
So compare yours to the "classic" and do otherwise.
(Note this difference between Adobe Caslon and Caslon Old Face.)
You could also change x-height and cap height relative to ascenders.

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It is just a fact that a certain combination of (design) characteristics is what makes a typeface an oldstyle serif… Change a few of these and it is going to be a ‘venetian’ or a ‘garalde’ or whatever…

There IS a market for a good oldstyle serif.

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It's because I made the bowls rounder than I planned first, for better legibility at small sizes. Having that, I started to "pay to" these forms, changing existing features to fill the gaps.
I posted the thread, because when I saw a test printout on my desk, I first thought it was a page from one of articles on typography that probably had fallen down from the shelf ;)

I have prapared an image, but there is a problem with uploading today...

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I don't see a problem here, as they are quite different in the details. I think you could make it even sharper in the details. I like it. There are a lot of oldstyle serifs around, but I think a more modern sharp interpretation does fill a gap, as far as I know. Lots of typefaces look simular when set in small sizes, but are quite different when looking at the details. I think the image above does not give a correct picture of how it will look in hires print, as the details (and thus the differences) will be much more visible.

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