First attempt at custom lettering

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I know this might not be the correct place for this but this forum gets the most quality responses. I've never really tried to create lettering from scratch and this is my first attempt. I've only spent about 45 minutes on it and it is still very much a super rough idea. I just wanted to post it and let you guys tear it apart. I know it's nothing special but I would like to see what the community has to say.


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Are you trying to make a new typeface or just a logo? Have you defined the idea behind this?
Anyway, VIV should be spaced evenly since both letters are mirrored; I would make the top of the i as tall as the V, while the bottom (the vertex) needs to be optically adjusted (have a look here), same for the A's bowl.

Keep in mind that I'm not an expert, I would wait for other people's comments to show up

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I have no set goal in mind, just trying my hand out. Those are exactly the type of comments I wanted to hear. I knew there were details I had overlooked. Thanks a lot.

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