Crit hand lettered modern + vintage invite please

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So what can I do to make this piece a wow? I feel like with some tweaking it could be special, but I have been staring at it too long and have lost my perspective.


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anyone? I could really use a hand please. Be honest : )

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well, that script is pretty cramped and messy. I'm assuming you did that by hand so you might want to check out as a reference for where to place the weight of your letters.

also, the alternating caps or size change (I can't tell which) in the second line, "to join us", is pretty out of place and distracting.

other than that, the layout looks good. the anchor illustration was a nice choice in the context of a wedding. You also might want to think about putting a period after evening since the next line is a separate thing.

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yes I did... I will check out the site you mention. Thanks! How does this look?

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I prefer the first one. I feel like this second one is more of a strain to read.
Also, the typeface in the first one contrasted nicely with the curvy lines of the script and the illustration.
The script and the italic together doesn't really work.

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