Alternatives to Kennerley bold

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I'm close to buying LTC Kennerley bold (a face Nick recently mentioned in another thread, coincidentally, though his comment went wooshing over my head) for the covers of a series of books, but I'm not totally sold yet. Can anyone suggest faces with a similar look to the samples below?

I like the wedge serifs, the width, and the touch of roundedness and informality, but maybe the latter goes too far (or maybe the real issue is it wasn't designed for display sizes?).

LTC Garamont has the same kind of feel, though I like it a bit less – attached too.

ken bold sc stoker.gif7.16 KB
ken bold sc franz kafka.gif5.95 KB
ken bold sc pride & prej.gif5.98 KB
garamont text sc stoker.gif7.67 KB
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How about the original Kennerley by Richard Beatty, who copied Goudys' originals and digitized pretty much all of them?

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That may be the solution actually – I hadn't seen Beatty's, and I had disregarded Bethold's because it doesn't have bold small caps. But it may be that I should just pick the best (for my purposes) of those three. The bold all caps actually looks pretty close to bold small caps when resized to the same width.

I'm working on a side-by-side comparison, will post when done...

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Here's the LTC, Beatty, and Berthold together, cobbled together for sample images:

(Not a very diverse group of glyphs, in hindsight :)

First impressions: the Beatty small caps are more squat than I'm going for. And the Beatty caps lose too much of the color I like about the Lanston. So I'm left squinting at the Lanston and Berthold...

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P22 is a FAR nicer company than Berthold… a fact that might influence your choice, I hope…

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Yes, it does, and I figured someone would remind me ;)

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But I'm hoping to at least have a couple candidates that aren't Kennerley at all... Anyone?

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Kingsley (by Red Rooster Collection) is another version of Kennerley.

And another candidates... maybe..
FF Tiebere
Hess Old Style

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Pablo, I like Hess -- thanks!

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