Sans pairing for monospaced Letter Gothic

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Hey guys,
I feel like I'm starting to get a fairly decent handle on font pairings, but I'm really kinda stuck on working with Letter Gothic. I'm trying to find a sans that will contrast the computer stone age look of Letter Gothic (like Futura vs courier), or give a little bit of the terry jones/ID magazine look. Is it also possible to use a serif against the slabby monospaced LG? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Cheers,

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The problem is that Letter Gothic is so light and open, you need a match that sets well similarly open, for instance letterspaced, and most faces don't (after the old Goudy adage).

I've used Panoptica, another monospaced face.
It was the other way round, I was looking for a text face to work with Panoptica, and discovered that Letter Gothic was OK.

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Thanks for the suggestion nick, letter gothic is tricky one. Cheers

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