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Tool for creating HTML websites that want to stop using the suicidal "k"/"K" letter ( and use another letter shape (i.e. क) instead.

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This is turning into SPAM

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Since when did 1+1=3? You don't do your 'alumni' any good by this over-reaction.

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"You don't do your 'alumni' any good by this over-reaction."

I don't know what that means.

I do know that posting URLs to web sites from a new anonymous account with vague descriptions sure smells a lot like SPAM.

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Really weird spam, at that.

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@luminum / @Steven Acres
Respects to you two. I have a different faith and express it on the fonts removing the k/K shape at design and coder (html/javascript) fonts. Posting a few website addresses on this forum's threads I suppose has caused some impolite emotion. It's also because it's new to you. I thought I would share it with the forum. Using an involvement website does not mean I have to surrender to another stranger trying to act as if they are the government. I respect your talents and expertise. I am a netizen and I am not a scholar. Also I am not trying to sell fonts or software at a monetary profit from my participation here. Thus as I am from a different 'school' especially including racial and religious origin there could be some bias and weasel name calling. I won't report you to the Police because you are innocent I feel at this time due to your conditioning. Though I had to report today someone elsewhere on the net because they calculatedly insulted me and my faith.

It's getting late, so I will close this post.

Best Wishes.

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... due to your conditioning ...

You don't feel you are conditioned (Told From Above, bullied as a youth by someone with a K name, read in a hat, dreamt last night, don't like Special K, got evicted from a K-Mart, or otherwise) to dis-like the letter K?

Apparently, it's still unclear to the regular readers of this forum why you don't like K.

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I managed to wade through most of the content on the Kalphabet website. So far as I can gather, the argument is that the shape of the letter K is psychically disturbing on account of its relationship to a particular pattern of three rivers in India and their association with ritual suicide, and that this shape plants suicidal ideas in the mind. Leaving side the fact that if one were unaware of the association between this shape and the confluence of the Indian rivers and, in turn, their association with suicide, one would have no basis for forming such ideas -- and leaving aside the fact that this ritual suicide is framed in positive terms by texts cited on the Kalphabet website --, it seems to me that the claim that the K shape prompts suicidal thoughts is empirically testable.

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I should like to state for the record that I have been exposed to all letters of the Latin alphabet since an early age, and none of them have made me even mildly depressed, let alone suicidal. Anybody want to suppress the capital gamma because it looks like a gibbet?

On the other hand, dotty superstitions tend to get me down.

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John & Dave: well said!

It implies this is not a typographical problem but a mere psychological one, and therefore discussing it has no place on a typophile's hangout. There may be online support groups where you can find a sympathetic ear (WikiAnswers, on 'What phobia is the fear of letters?', categorizes this question under "Mental Health, Medical Terminology").

Perhaps it would be different if the as yet anonymous o.p. could point out specific typefaces that trigger his suicidal tendencies. ITC Kabel and Futura, for instance, have pointy K's. Arnold Boecklin, on the other hand, is much more easier on the eye, no sharp edge anywhere. It's kind of overgeneralizing to state "I don't like any of them."

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my favorite curseword just wouldnt be the same without it.

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[, forget it...not enough energy to care...]

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javascript = bot
don't feed the bot :-)

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If कen कercheval कicकs कittens, while कnacकered कooकs from कentucकy कeep कnocकing out कnavish कurdish कulaकs in कnotted कerchiefs with कeen कuकris and कrises, then a कinकy कid in कhaकi कnicकerbocकers has कissed कing कong कindly in the कirकyard.

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My mother's initials are K K, so that's the reason I have these dark thoughts at times… Thank you for enlightening me, koffeeskript.

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'Tis abſolutely aſ ſilly aſ ſtruggling to make ſenſe from verſe ſuch aſ thiſ, uſing nonſtandard glyphs in an already not too ſenſibly ſtory ..

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Yeah, Theunis, it ſucकſ.

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I thinq q would definitely be a better candidate as a substitute.

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Though I had to report today someone elsewhere on the net because they calculatedly insulted me and my faith.

Oh I'm sure the internet police jumped all over that one.

Thinking a letter is suicidal has nothing to do with faith. This is simply fanaticism taken too far... and then posted on a website about typography.

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There are various scientific things mentioned in the Vedic scriptures.

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Taking “k” away? No f-in’ way! It’s an essential ingredient in comedy.

From the Neil Simon play The Sunshine Boys, the character Willy explains it to his nephew: “Fifty-seven years in this business, you learn a few things. You know what words are funny and which words are not funny. Alka Seltzer is funny. You say "Alka Seltzer," you get a laugh... Words with "k" in them are funny. Casey Stengel, that's a funny name. Robert Taylor is not funny.”

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So Kafka is funny man eh? :)

(Wait till Mr. क finds this thread…)

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Kafka is very funny. Apparently he used to read his stories aloud to groups of friends and had trouble stopping himself from laughing while doing so.

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Really?! Wow.

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While he was morphing, John?

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