Adobe Font Folio 11 ... worth it?

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Hey everyone!

I'm back with a new question about typography. I recently ran into an offer at my local Apple store wich offers the massive Adobe Font Folio collection for 400 bucks (360 €) till the 31 of August. I was thinking of making the purchase as it really is a massive cut to the price tag but here's the question : is it worth it? What do you think of Adobe fonts and this package in general? Do you think I should go for it?

Tell me your opinions freely,

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Heck yes. $400 is the cost of just three or four font families and Adobe's got plenty of good ones. Even if you end up only using a TINY portion of the fonts on the disk, you'll have gotten a bargain.

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$400 for Font Folio? That’s a steal as long as it isn’t the student edition. Buy ten and sell them on eBay.

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€360??! That is one TENTH of the normal price. I wouldn't be certain it would be a legit licence at that price. In asia you can get the full boxes of Adobe and Fontshop collections for peanuts – totally pirated of course, but still in boxes were it can be difficult to spot if it's a fake, except for the price.

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