Questions re: StyleMerge and TypeTool

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I recently tweaked a 16-member family of fonts for my employer (Mac OS 9 environment). I used Style Merge to make four related families, like so:

Family 1: Font/FontBold/FontItalic/FontBoldItalic
Family 2: FontCondensed/FontBoldCondensed/FontItalicCondensed/FontBoldItalicCondensed

A problem with this was that the font menu in QuarkXPress 4.1 only showed the four main members of the families. The other twelve faces were not directly accessible.

I got around this by distributing the additional 12 bitmaps along with the family suitcases. So you could directly select FontBoldCondensed, or you could select FontCondensed and click the Bold button, and either way it worked.

A few months later, the head of the IT department saw this, and was unhappy with having two instances of each bitmap font (one inside the family suitcase, and one on its own), although we have not had any problems traceable to this setup. I have been asked to get rid of the additional bitmaps.

I don't want to lose the flexibility of direct font selection-- suddenly, everyone in the company will think they're missing twelve fonts. I also don't want to lose the flexibility of merged families-- suddenly, I'll have to go through every layout repeatedly to make sure no one is using the bold or italic buttons.

So here are some questions:

1) I saw in its manual that TypeTool has built-in font family merging. Would a family merged via TypeTool list all its members in the font menu?

2) Does my workaround of using the merged families and the individual bitmaps actually cause any problems, as the IT head suggests?

3) If so, why, and if not, why not?

4) Does anyone besides me even use Style Merge anymore?

Thanks in advance for any light y'all may shine on this.


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please take a look at the article:

It describes Mac Type 1 suitcase building in FontLab 4.6, and should also apply to TypeTool.

Adam Twardoch

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Thanks, Adam (and Johnnych), that was supremely helpful.

But it seems the implication is that having multiple screen fonts for one printer font, distributed across multiple suitcases, is A-OK and should not cause any trouble.

Therefore I can leave what I have as it is and assure my IT person things will be fine.



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