Critique this poster please

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made a poster for my school for spirit week and need to know what people think ( suggestions are appreciated)

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a bit difficult to see from my screen, it's quite big and i can't get the whole picture. the color of the background sets off a vintage vibe and is nice if that is your aim.

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Why don't the rainbow bands extend all the way to the right?

- Lex

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On a mac, if you right click the image, and click "view picture", you can see the entire thing at a smaller size.

"have fun and" needs to be bigger.
is this a "gay spirit" poster? or what do those rainbows mean?

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I also get the gay theme to the poster with the rainbow, if it is so then keep it.

I would agree that if you are keeping the rainbows then either full width (might come off worse) or think about having them smaller and centered under the first two words.

One last thing that could just be me, the counterless type on the bottom gives me the impression of something else that might clash if you are working a gay theme, also more space around your work and at the begining and end of your counterless words if you are to keep them.

Great vintage feel to it as already stated.


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