(x) Strange 'R' Please help! My co. is waiting for a print card! - based on ITC Benguiat {Kermit R}

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Thanks in advance for your help; production is waiting on this one!

FORY font.png7.4 KB
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Try inverting the R's leg. I mean that the curve could point inwards instead of outwards. Also beware of the kerning, the space between the O and R is rather small. Because of the optical space inside the O and below the F, you need to make sure that no character comes too close to another.

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I think that is some version of Benguiat.

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is probably the basis, with manual condensation; or, perhaps, the regular weight was used and a stroke added to beef up the serifs...

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It looks like the Medium Condensed with some additional manual condensing and an outline.

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Thanks, all...the capital 'A' matches what I have (wasn't on screen shot) Benguiat it is!

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