What do we think if Typedia?

Just found this site that claims to be the Wikipedia of typography. You can look up fonts, learn about typography, get involved in forums, Add your own fonts and knowledge. Looks like it’s pretty early days and there are plenty of holes in the content but you can get an idea of what it is going to be about.


All seems to be stuff that Typophile does in some way other. To me it seems a little ill-conceived what does everyone else think? The search tools are not as good as something like myfonts.com, the forum will need to work hard to beat Typophile and the type info doesn’t seem that great to me.

What does everyone else think?

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all the best to them. Hope it won't get to be another sewer full of mis-information and branding schemes like Wikipedia became.

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It's hard to tell, but it doesn't seem to have reached critical mass yet.

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"another sewer full of mis-information"

Do people that say that know what a Wiki actually is? (hint: You can fix any mis-information you find)

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There are some really smart and talented guys like Jason Santa Maria behind http://typedia.com. It is a pretty new project, I am sure that this will become a good resource.

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I think everyone would like it to be successful, but it has been around since 2006 (according to the (c) notice) - when you need to know something about a particular subject, where do you go first? For me its usually Wikipedia - for fonts its usually MyFonts.

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Thanks Kent, that's from 2009. I wonder if the 2006 is a typo, or if it had a very long beta.

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Typedia debuted in 2009.

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That would explain the "© 2006–2010 by Typedia.com" then :-/

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I believe Typedia is/was a pet project of designer Jason Santa Maria. A labor of love that percolated for a few years before it finally went live.
I'm guessing, but he probably had the domain name and the concept for those years, hence, 2006-2010. (I'll ask along the way.)

Typedia has yet to find its niche - but as type and typography and awareness of both on the web grows, I think it will ultimately find one.

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I wonder if closer alignment with the foundries via cross-linking might result in more traffic, more content, and more mind-share?

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