Quirky grotesk

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Im looking for a clean grotesk with a bit of personality, not too much but enough so you can see it in large point sizes.

Lineto.com with Lutz Headline, Replica and Akkurat is something I have in mind, but it would be great with something new.



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Dada and Theinhardt from optimo.ch is also something in the same direction I'm looking for. I hope you get the picture.

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Absolute nice kupfers, but Im looking for a typeface thats a bit more dirty, or less perfect if you know what I mean?

Looking into Abadi MT, but its not quite there that eighter..

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There’s also National and Founders Grotesk by Kris Sowersby.

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I suspect my suggestions might be a bit too retro/quircky. These quirky but contemporary looking grotesques are hard to come by. Perhaps you could team up with someone to draw something to your liking.

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Ludwig by Fred Smeijers

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