Splitting a font into several others to handle unicode...

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I'm sorry if my demand is weird, but here it is: I currently have to display non-western glyphs in a software that seems to only handle windows-1252 (or maybe it is ISO 8859-1 or ISO 8859-15, doesn't matter...). I finally found an idea for a workaround: splitting a font that handles, say, Japanese characters, into potentially dozens of other fonts that map different glyphs of the mother font to what should normally be printable western characters. So if I need to render glyph, I will use simple math to choose the font and the character I should actually use (The aim here is to write a script anyway so the math isn't a problem).

Do any of you guys have any idea how I could do this and, most importantly, automate the creation of the fonts as much as possible?

Actually, the more I think about this crazy idea, the more I'm convinced it's already been used...

For those interested: the bad software in question is autodesk 3ds max, I'm trying to automate the creation of 3d meshes of characters in various languages.

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