Symbol for Electric Car/vehicle charging station

What do you think guys? Can this be universally understood for Electric Car/vehicle charging station?

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The top two work for me..

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The top two are pretty clever, because they contain both the letters E and C for "Electric Car" or "Electric Charging" and they also have a stylized electric plug. The bottom two lose the letter C.

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Thanks both!

Someone pointed out to me that the plugs for the cars in the US don't look like the plug here.. so it was hard to associate to a Car charger. it's a good point. it seems the actual plugs differ from country to country (which isn't very practical), so i'm trying to go for something more universal... for electrical.

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Very smart, clean, simple and meaningful.

I don't think the actual difference in the plugs is important. The two-connection plug with cord is a kind of universal sign, even if the plugs in use are somewhat different. I guess you created an icon destined to be worldwidely applied.

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For me, the shape of the plug is unimportant; what plugs DO and HOW THEY WORK is key. What sold me on the top two is that the plug is CONNECTED to a power source (the implied cord coming out of the plug).

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I think this is a remarkably well executed merge of logotype and pictorial representation. Congratulations. (I too prefer the upper versions.)

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The top 2 look nice, although the "E" and "C" shapes will obviously not be meaningful in all languages as the words for charging/car/electricity will vary from country to country. But of course it's the plug and cord shapes that carry the main message.

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Many thanks everyone!

Indeed I don't expect everyone to read and see all that's in there everywhere in the world (hell, some of my friends saw sleeping Bears and white and black pigs in there!! :)), but at least that the main feature (which is the plug and connection) are visible and dominant.

This will be eventually used as a standard dingbat in my fonts and most likely also as a free dingbat font.. it should be out there, where it belongs.

thanks again.


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some of my friends saw sleeping Bears and white and black pigs in there

What are your friends smoking, and where can I get some?

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actually they are the NON-smokers, which might explain it :)

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Top right! Love it! Maybe incorporate the oh-so-modern "green" into the color scheme?

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I'm loving this. Just wanted to say. (The top versions.)
BTW, make sure you optically-correct the circle – the top/bottom looks heavier than the side where the cable comes through (but maybe it's just me).

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I see a smiley face.

So, I'd suggest making it one. Turn it 90 degrees. It's a plug! It's a smiley face!

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There will be two different chargers: Fast (480Volt) and Level 2 (220Volt) how will you differentiate between the two?

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Or 45 degrees to the left? Then you could still read the E as E.

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@ukr50: Since I'm not designing your city’s actual brand of electrical charging station, but merely offering an alternative universal pictorial representation of one, this doesn't concern such details.
But if I was to design one, I would probably simply put a big 480V and 220V next to each other. How 'bout that?

And for all your lovely rotation advices.. just turn your screen or slightly turn your heads :D

thanks again.

would you be interested in having this pictorial for free to use?

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It’s a nice idea! However, to me it looks more like a company’s brand rather than a general public signage piece. For the latter purpose it may be too sophisticated to be instantly deciphered by the average car charger. Maybe something fool-proof would do, like this:

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FWIW I just came across this:

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Andreas, that red one looks like a Hummer tailgating a Smart Car! :-)

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Can we see something with a “lightning bolt” please?

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Seems the PTB (Powers That Be) in the US have already decided on theirs:

The Wikipedia article on charging stations shows a proposal for the European version.

Putting a lightning symbol on the sign... naahhh... too much like saying "Zap 'em all and let $DEITY sort 'em out!"

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