'I want to build a Web application catering to price-sensitive couples who have an aversion to Comic Sans'

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Tracy Osborn aims to democratize the wedding-invitation industry without horrifically bad type. She could use some help.

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There are so many adequate fonts for the purpose available, I can't imagine anyone choosing Comic Sans who wasn't perfectly at home with the idea of using the font and fully prepared to identify with it heart and soul or flaunt it as some sort of ironic déclassé statement. It could after all be worse. It cou,ld be Papyrus. Or that piece of shyte, Andy.

Who is Tracy Osborn when she is at home anyhow, and by what means does she expect to make wedding invites more democratic than they already Are?

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By automating the process, she already said, and all the people who don’t want Comic Sans don’t know what they do want. (Weiss is often an excellent choice.)

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"...while professional wedding invitations are hundreds or thousands of dollars."

I read that as "hundreds of thousands"! I was thinking "wow that's a bit of an exaggeration."

Meh, not sure this is gonna work. Those couples who want nice wedding invitations want them personalized. The wife-to-be is meeting with decorators, florists, bakers, etc., in person to make sure everything's perfect. Why would she settle for less when it came to the invitations?

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Just what we need another application that makes people think they do not need graphic designers. We already have people trying to do design in Microsoft Word with no background or training and using Comic Sans and Papyrus.

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A couple getting married does not need “graphic designers”; all they need is an invitation that doesn’t suck.

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