InDesign just recognises a single weight of my font family

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I'm doing a small font family in Fontlab 5, now containing a Regular, Light, Bold and Heavy weight. I did the Regular and used the vfb as a template for the Light, Bold and Heavy. I filled the Font Info on all four vfbs with the help of the green Diamond.

My four generated otf files are all recognised in my font management software MainType. But when I load any or all of them, Adobe InDesign CS4 only shows the Regular in the font menu. In addition, it doesn't really seem to be the Regular at all, because if you e.g. just load the Heavy in MainType, InDesign uses the Heavy with the name Regular displayed.

I googled around but I just couldn't find a solution. I just want to cry, why doesn't it work? Please help me out!

Thanks a lot!

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Did you make otf files for each version? I always check the font info.

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yes, I used the "Generate all" tp create four different otf files.

Theunis de Jong's picture lists 12 different ways of "repairing" fonts that cause problems.
Try deleting all AdobeFnt*.lst files you can find -- it's possible an earlier test-run of your font got cached somewhere. Deleting these files (the * can be any number) is of no consequence to your system, they are just Adobe's own personal brand of font cache data and will be rebuilt next time you start one of Adobe's applications.

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Have a look at Karsten's Font Naming pdf. Fontnuke is great for clearing font caches (a tip that I got from... Karsten).

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If you install a regular weight that has naming problems it can cause Indesign to handle all other fonts in the family incorrectly until you install a correctly named regular weight. Don’t trust the green diamond; when setting up your font naming base them on a working family (just open up some Adobe fonts and see how they do it). Start with a regular weight and then add fonts one at a time fixing problems with each one as you go.

Most importantly, generate the fonts from FontLab directly into the “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts” directory. Never install your test fonts using any other utilities or by putting them into the system fonts directory or you’ll get into a cycle of cache cleaning and rebooting that can go on for hours. Only install fonts to test your final retail fonts and your life will be much easier. I don’t install a font on a Mac until I’ve already cleared it with FontQA, Microsoft’s font testing tool, and the entire family works in Adobe apps and on my Windows machine.

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While Mr Puckett's advice is sound, I've found that as long as you change the version number with each font generation, all of these font cache issues go away. And you can install the font via any font app you like. FWIW.

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Found out why it didn't work... it was because of the same PANOSE numbers. Thanks for your answers!

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