(x) Wide square techno style font - Aggie {Ignacio}

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Can anyone identify this typeface adn where one might purchase it from? :-)
type sample

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Looks like a heavier Aggie.

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Thank you Ignacio. Aggie was the closest we've found here too, but the R is significantly different and the client is going to be using it heavily so we can't swap it out :-(

Thanks for the tipoff Yves - the site is still down but Myfonts had about 40 of Ray's old LarabieFonts styles. No match there yet though.

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I think Ignacio was right, David -- I can't spot any differences in the underlying letterforms between the sample and Aggie (the R looks identical to me, and look at that distinctive lowercase f, which is also identical). It looks to me like someone took Aggie and added a stroke or used Fontographer to make a faux-bold. The 'i', 'j' and 's' especially bear the scars of indiscriminate stroke-widening.

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Then I guess I'm going to go on a deleting spree through the studio's font folders as I think this is classified as a dodgy ripoff font!

Many thanks to all!


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Isn't that some freeware car brand font? Lemmecheck ...

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Nope, and I can't check Ray Larabie's nor Typodermic as
they appear to have disappeared. Weird ...

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Dang, it looks familiar tho. Made me think of Mark Simonson's
(far superior) Changeling.

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