(x) What is this script font - Eclat {Nick Curtis}

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Hey everyone!

I’m looking to identify this font from the logo LoveMyDesign.

Any idea?

29-lovemydesign-logos-of-companies.jpg42.54 KB
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Thanks a lot!

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Happy, Nick?

Since I have no axe to grind, no. Are you happy now, Jan? What, you don't have a dog to kick or a wife to beat?

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Hey hey, guys, no need to quarrel. I assume Jan wanted to make a harmless joke. Obviously, that went awry, with all the emotions involved.

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Nick, what Florian said.
Really didn’t mean to offend you, rather the opposite.
Any time I id this I post both.
So I added Creampuff.

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OK: we're cool...

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