Popular Blackletter Fonts

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Hello Everybody,

I'm searching Blackletters know. I need to choose and use one of them. But I have never interested in blackletters before.

So, what is the most popular blackletter fonts on the earth?
And, of course your favourites please?

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I like Fette Trump Deutsch by Georg Trump (which is offered for free by Dieter Steffman, who digitalized a LOT of blackletter typefaces, some better than others, check his the listing from the link above)

Another favorite is Weiss Rundgotisch by Emil Rudolf Weiss

Interesting contemporary interpretations of Blackletter are Blackhaus from Canada Type and Fine Gothic by Michael Harvey and Andy Benedek.

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I am a big fan of:

- Blaktur

- Fakir

- Brokenscript
Letterror and FontFont (can’t find a working URL to post!)


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The most popular (and overused) blackletter fonts are IMO Fette Fraktur and
Old English.

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You can have a look into this Slanted Issue No.10 for some inspiration.

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And of course there is the book Fraktur Mon Amour

Another favorite is Deluta, which is a sort of soft blackletter, quite lovely.

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More information and an introduction to the classification of blackletter typefaces in this article on I Love Typography, by Dan Reynolds.

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Lots of suggestions! Thanks.
I am going to try them one by one.

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I second riccard0's recommendation if you want an artistic interpretation of blackletter rather than a historical example. Gabriel Martínez Meave's Darka is gorgeous. I set my notes from a Hegelian philosophy class in Darka just cause it's so darn pretty. It's also dense and very readable once you get used to it, but set it with plenty of leading for those ascenders, descenders, and vast capitals to breathe in.

If you're more historically minded, you might find this online blackletter history interesting: The Gutenberg Press: Five Centuries of German Fraktur, by Walden Font (http://www.waldenfont.com/downloads/gbpmanual.pdf). You can also download samples of many of the historical fonts they discuss from their site.

Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style also lists some worthy blackletters, if you're looking for a list to get started with.

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If you go with the definition "It's blackletter if the ink coverage is over 50%" -- well, that's an all-different sheila.

The Wikipedia page on blackletter has some background info.

Peter Wiegel (CAT Design) has a few German blackletter bread faces.

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Helzel is a commercial supplier.

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Two blackletter fonts based on Peter Wiegel’s fonts are available at the Google Font API: UnifrakturMaguntia and UnifrakturCook.

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Greenbriar by Brian Sooy

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Wilhelm Klingsporschrift

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I know this is old, but it seems you guys didn't notice what nenasilniye was up to right before starting this thread:

And I hope he/she didn't end up pirating fonts mentioned in this thread.


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hey! this is my first post!
well i want to know if someone know about fonts that looks like this one?... (the name of the book)
hopefully i get a quick answer
thank u

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Looks like H. Berthold’s Colossalis Bold to me.

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