Fillit display font critique

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I'd appreciate any comments on my display typeface design called Fillit.

It's nothing fancy, new or groundbreaking – being very novice in type design I did it as an excercise for myself only. The design goal is to create display font for newspaper section headlines that has 1. slab serif general form 2. has plenty of pop = lot of ink per character 3. can form very tight headlines without letters touching each other. 4. to be used in >72 pt

There's a brief specimen attached. I haven't finished all the characters – trying to finish smaller set before doing too much work.

Don't hesitate to be crude :)

fillit_draft1.pdf64.13 KB
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I like it. My only critique is that the U is to small and it should have straight serifs. You need just a little bit wider spacing. Good Luck.

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Continuing with this project... here are side by side comparisons with original (left) that inspired me to try to design better solution.
I didn't like the way they used overlapping in letter spacing and tried to create something that doesn't touch but still has the same impact as the original. Check it out. Any comments / opinons / advice are welcome!

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