Logo Critique please!

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Hi everyone, i´d appreciate your critique and thoughts about this logo.
Let me explain a little bit, this is for a local jewelry store, i need to create a sophisticated mark with a little arabic character to take advantage of the name roots.
Also ¿Do you think this fonts have a slightly arabic flavor? I will need to add a tagline, which sans serif can you recommend? Any comments well appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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I would go with the upper version (I quite like that smoky 'F', it has good proportions), and see if I could make that 'I' not to lean backwards.

And I would promptly change that acute accent to apostrophe.

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Thanks tomi, i belive the I leaning backwads looks even more backwards if i try to fix it. Is fertigo maybe i´ll stick with fontin. My keyboard is in spanish, i cant find the keys combo for the apostrophe.

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The upper version has more character. But I think it is a good loge because of its retention value

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Hi there, thank you friends for your comments. I´m uploading this refined version now with the tagline added. I still use fertigo in this one because i belive it retains more character as Robert stated. Any comments well aprecciated and thank you very much for your support.

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Anybody else? please.

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FWIW the top version looks a bit like Pantene Pro V squiggle.

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It would be nice if the tagline had some contrast with the wordmark. A beautiful serif? Small caps? Something to differentiate and compliment.

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@Apankart, thanks for noting the similarities, i´ll be checking if that would be an issue.
Scott, thanks for the serif suggestion, i´ll try it, i honestly have not given any chance to a serifs in this logo.

Do anybody have some comment about the "arab flavor"?

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I speak Arabic, and I didn't see any "Arabic flavors" from this. I quite like the design, but maybe channel more of the Arabic letters into your smoky F if you want to show more Arabic quality.

Now, depending on how you're pronouncing "Faiad", it could mean a few different things. I think it may be فائض or excess, overabundance. Look closely at the Arabic letter and the concept of "Faiad" and channel that. Arabic letters connect and curve. They are frequented with diamond dots and rising and falling letters. You're on the right path!

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Wow that really inspired me, thank you very much fathairyape. I´ll work on that.

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Great! Can't wait to see what you do.

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Hi, after taking a look at several arabic forms i finally came up with a more flavored logo. Please critique!

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Looks better. The type is still really boring, and I can't see the "class" which is usually related to jewels. A geometric uppercase sans-serif, maybe?

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