What if?

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Just went to a site and over 9K of one of my fonts was downloaded. Thinking about using it as a write off for tax purposes. Do you think it would get the asses in DC to start thinking if we all did it?


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Were the tablets set in Sansstone?.

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Yes, but seriftishesly ;-P

or is that, "Suddenly, last Sumner"?

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Aren't you being a bitmap to informal?

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Capital of you to notice ;-)

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If you think copyright is a flawed system, fine. If you want to use noncopyrighted software as an expression of that principle, fine. But you can't say that principle gives you (or others) a basis to break the law. That's just a rationalization.

I never said I support breaking law (I think I explained that more than once in this thread), what I'm saying is that the laws are wrong and need to change, and so I sympathise with file sharers, and though for me illegal != unethical, I still don't encourage file sharing for many reason, if only because it actually supports proprietary software by making it the de facto standard.

The original context for that, as it seems to have been missed, was the suggestion that school children should be taught that file sharing is not sharing but stealing, which is an establishment of pro-copyright propaganda which, apparently, I strongly oppose.

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Just because our current legal framework is broken, that doesn't mean the prior situation was any kind of paradise we ought to be striving to

I dunno about America, but here we had a thousand years or so of creative work and civilisation with no copyright laws of any kind, and every one was allowed to copy whatever he have access to and the world did not collapse, and I believe it was the case for most, if not all, human civilisation. so I don't believe copyright is the only motivate for people to innovate, or even a major one.

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"And nobody denied them their moral right, and I don't think file sharer who remove author credits from the files they share, which what their moral right is all about"

That was supposed to be "I don't think file sharer remove author credits", dunno what that "who" was doing there :) Nobody would object that taking credits for others work is unethical.

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On a practical note, I have to say that effectively the harder it is to get the font for free the more likely it is a person will pay for it.
Yes good marketing and great quality will affect sales a lot more than policing and hunting down illegal download sites, but if the action against piracy is centralized (through foundries or retailers) it may prove to be productive and efficient and actually return more money than is spent on it. A number of schemes can be executed to drive potential users from the pirate websites into the legitimate retailers. Like for example flooding the Torrent market with huge torrents of what is seemingly great quality fonts and making sure they rank high on Google search and then once the huge ZIP file is on your hard drive BOINK it's a bunch of rubbish. They actually did that when The Simpsons movie was first released into theaters, all the downloads of that movie were rubbish so I gave up. This is only one example.

I'll agree with Khaled that creativity has little to do with Copyright. But Copyright is just a fair way to financially compensate the creator. It's not about moral rights, it's about financial rights.

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Dear Khaled,

Thank you for the clarification. It reinforces my earlier argument that other posters shouldn't be dismissing you as a thief and a pirate, because you have a moral code, so there is a basis for discussion. It is too easy when people don't understand you to make assumptions about your motivations; after they do that, you're fighting an uphill battle to be understood because they will filter everything you say or write through their expectations about your motivations.

That's where the antagonism has been coming from in this thread. As far as I can tell, no one on this thread is opposed to the existence of a free-software community. They're opposed to having their own software "liberated" without their permission - and they read your comments as though you were promoting that.

To help a step further, if you explained more than once on this thread that you don't support breaking the law (and I believe you), I and most of the other posters missed it. We misunderstood what your wrote and thought that was precisely what you support. With that mistake uncovered and removed from the equation, the discussion becomes more interesting because we can more clearly explore our real differences of opinion instead of responding to our mistaken impressions of each other.

More later.

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What about:
1) Instructing the people about all the hard work you have put on designing your font.
2) Then, releasing the font for free.
3) And then, asking for a little donation to support your efforts.

Not just releasing for free.. education first.. a powerfull resource.
If people is aware and value your work, they will support you.

Has worked for me so far...

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If you run a business, you have losses; some are inevitable. A business can survive with losses. Truckers have rising highway tolls. Retailers have higher taxes and utilities. Yet there are still stores and trucks.

File sharing is a type of loss that can't be stopped, slowed down or measured. Complaining about file sharing may have a positive effect or may have a negative effect. Does complaining help you get more work done? Maybe. Maybe some font designers like to take a break to blow off steam about file sharing to help them work harder.

a: complain and give up

b: give up

c: complain

d: get back to work

e: get back to work but occasionally stop working so you can complain

f: make free fonts and hope that you'll receive some money

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I do a variation on your choices. I only complain when confronted with someone who insists that file sharing is OK and even desirable and then only if, at that moment I am either hungry, tired, frustrated, or annoyed. Then I spew (as I have done here) and just go back to work hoping enough honest people still exist in the world willing to pay for fonts that I can pay my bills ;-)

Yesterday, I was hungry, tired, frustrated, AND annoyed so my spew was much longer and persistent than ever. Please forgive my sermon and venting--now back to work!

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dezcom...clearly the issue is you need more snacks and nap time. Actually, that'd solve a lot of my problems too...

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Dear Aluminum,

Amen to that. Nap time is underrated.

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