Futuristic Font

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Thoughts on what the font on the robot's wing might be? Could be custom, but thought it was worth a shot to ask here.


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That reminds me of this: http://www.dafont.com/vertigo-brk.font

I don't think it's the same but in the same vein.

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Could, concievably, be Aldrans with a few minor modifications...



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Thanks, guys.

NJ McLellan, it looks like yours is the closest.

VertigoMindwarp, you're right. Vertigo isn't the same but has a very similar feeling. I like the monospace feel of it. Very interesting option. Thanks for pointing it out. And it's free! :)

I'll also keep hunting around an let you guys know if I find something closer. Thanks!

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It could well be a Japanese font…

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