(x) Cosmetic Label font - Blippo {Tamas}

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Hello everyone. I need to Identify this font for print reproduction. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks

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Hmmm...the letterforms match (except for the D, which has no gap at the bottom of the vertical stroke), but there doesn't seem to be a published version of Blippo with a weight this light, at least not from the usual sources.

Do you know of one, Tamas?


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The filmtype version in the QBF catalogue has light, medium, fat and black weights.

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Excellent. Good find!

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the font is Blippo Bold, I created this font in 1965 for Facsimile Fonts and FotoStar International. Blippo Black has been copied by at least 6 font sellers. Most of them without license. URW++ is the biggest offender. There are 12 weight and versions.
Robert Trogman

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Twelve versions? May I ask what they are, Robert?

- Lex

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