Looking for an Old West font with a modern flair

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Looking for faces that would represent the Old West with a modern flair. Kind of Cowboy Cool. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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There's also FontMesa, and the Wood Types at Nick's Fonts.

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You could do a search for Western at Myfonts or at da font.

Or Brothers by Emigre.

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Dekoria from Fountain

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Giorgio, Steel Moderne, Drunk Cowboy and you can also take a look in Wood Type Fonts

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You could also check out Giddyup which comes with dingbats as well.

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You could go wayyy out there with Cowboy Rhumbahut ...

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When I googled "cowboy cool" I got Cowboy Burt from Coolfonts.

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Cowboy cool is subjective, I think. I'd recommend headin' over to Letterhead fonts, pardner' ... ;^)


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The coolest cowboys use Fontalicious' Superfly
(one arrow click to the right). From the blurb:

If anyone has ever sat around and wondered, "Can someone
start off making a western font and end up with a funky 70's
font?", I can answer that question for them. The answer is
yes. Take Superfly for example. Those big @$$ serifs might
make you go: "Western", but believe you me, it ain't. I don't
see any cowboy hats on those brothers, do you?

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Hahahahahaha! I totally forgot about that, Stephen. :-)

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