Looking for serif with true small caps (web font)

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Hello there fellow Typophiles,

I'm looking for advice on a typeface for the body text on a website I'm working on. The website is about wedding photography, so I'm thinking that an elegant (but legible) roman typeface would fit nicely. Though I would really like to use true small caps, something I'm having trouble finding in a web font. Question: Do you know any free or affordable web fonts with true small caps? (that fit my requirements)

I've been looking at Typekit and Typotheque and the best I could come up with is Greta Text or maybe Brioni Text.

Any other recommendations?

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There is currently no way to access true small caps in webfonts. Just the latest Firefox beta added this feature:

I would recommend to stick with Typotheque because their backend allows you to convert the selected fonts to small caps, so every browser then can show the true small caps.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions :)

I ended up using a typeface I found elsewhere though. The one I got was Caslon from Fontspring. Six weights, including two small caps weights for 20 bucks in total, pretty good deal if you ask me.

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