Best substitute for HTF Didot?

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Could someone be so kind to recommend Didone typefaces that are able to compete with HTF Didot in both style and quality? I love HTF Didot, but cannot use if for the project I am working on.

As a reference, I have attached both a page from Vogue Living Australia which I think uses HTF Didot (please correct me if I am wrong), and a cover of Living etc. which seems to use another kind of a Didone typeface - any ideas what that could be? This is the style and context I am thinking about.

I am interested in any possible links and I am also keen to hear from any recent releases of the kind.

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Well, Canada Type's Didot, LinoType's Didot,

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Or all of the better Bodoni’s, like ITCB… ?

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I love HTF Didot, but cannot use if for the project I am working on.

Why not?

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The Consul series (Caption, Text, Deck, Display), and/or the Yo family (Andy, Frankie, Lucy, Sophie, Zelda) from Terminal Design?

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Thank you all.

Consul series is definitely something interesting, thanks for the link!

As to why I cannot use HTF Didot for this - main reason is the need to differ from the competition (magazines in the same field), yet I don't want to opt out from using Didones altogether. This is also the reason why I am looking for not just another Didot, but rather something with a little "something" - sorry for the lack of words here.

Any opinions on Carmen by Typerepublic?

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I am expanding my search on any new releases of Scotch Roman/Modern kind of typefaces - so high contrast, even if not Didone, just to have a wider selection for testing. So any links are again very welcome.

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A didot with a little something: Ambroise.
If you need to differ from the competition, why not consider something completely different?

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Carmen surely is underused. And, because the title fits so nicely: The Didot You Didn’t Know.

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Some suggestions:

A list of Didones from Fontshop:

An interesting, text-oriented Didot interpretation, Fayon:

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High contrast, but not didone: Greta, Freight, Big Caslon, Apud Display and Glosa Display.

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Okay, try Nick Shinn's Scott's Modern:

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For something really different and striking, I echo frode's recommendation on Apud. I've come to love it, but I haven't yet found the right project to use it on. It's absoutely stunning, however. I'm dying to try this on an editorial project!

Also worth looking into Adobe Kepler. It's ENORMOUS. The display weights are a little on the even side, but it's definitely in the right family.

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Thank you all, you have been a great help. I found quite a few of the options very interesting, like Apud, Austin, Lavigne and Carmen. For this project though, it seems that the choice will be between Brunel and Consul. They offer me pretty much everything I need, so now it's time to do some testing.

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You could always ask Suomi Type Foundry to help you out. Ei pakollista, mutta…

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Kiitos Tomi. I originally had the idea to use only finnish type foundries for this project, but the timetable doesn't allow for custom made typefaces. However, I do need other typefaces for this project as well, and will definitely keep in mind the great work you do at Suomi Type Foundry.

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