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I'm in the process of updating some past typefaces with expanded character sets for more supported languages. In some cases I'm subtly revising a handful of characters and doing a general overview and update through this process, but nothing drastic.

How does one discern between 'Version' updates and 'Revision' updates.

It would seem what I'm doing would fall under a 'Revision', so I was wondering what the general consensus is that constitutes a 'Version' update?

Thanks for your feedback.

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The name table version string should always be updated whenever you release a new version of a font, no matter how small the changes. The only time I do not increase the version string number is if I am working on internal, pre-release builds (in which case I use a private build number in the version string, e.g. 'Version 1.01 Build 012').

The head table version string should be kept in synch with the name table version string.

The head table revision string isn't something I generally assign any significance. I certainly would rely on it to distinguish different release builds of a font.

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The current trend on releasing the same old font with extended char-set and some other minor tweaks is to call them "xxxxxxxxx Pro" and sell it for a few more bucks.
Or add "XXXXX Next Pro" if you prefer the more flamboyant Linotype Way.

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Or go the version number way, like Swift 2.0…

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