Attn Hot Metal enthusiasts: Empire Gothic?

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I was enjoying my sunny Sunday afternoon doing what I love to do best: thumbing through typeface specimens. Then I came across this one: Empire Gothic produced by Keystone Type Foundry. It was love at first site. What personality!

I can't seem to find any additional information for it on the web, but can anybody recommend anything similar? Even something that's not slanted would do.

Another incomplete specimen in this book that leaves a lot to the imagination is Tudor Medium. Anybody have a complete specimen of this?

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ATF sold that design as Times Gothic in the early twentieth century, the designer appears to be unknown. It shows up in the 1912 ATF book and ATF bought Keystone in 1919. Based on the design my guess is that it’s a nineteenth century design that was pirated and sold by Keystone as Empire Gothic. It looks like an Inland Type Foundry design, comparing the 1908 ATF book with the 1912 might shed some light on that hypothesis.

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Not in the ATF 1897 specimen book...

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It’s not in the 1897 Inland or 1906 Keystone books, either.

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Thanks so much for the info!

I still want to know more about Gigantic insects hold council outside. A nice dry way to say it's fit for a tabloid?

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