Would you sell this on Etsy?

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This is a birthday greeting card I have recently designed for my sisters birthday. After it's success in my family I have decided to screen print copies in black and red as below, possibly variations using other colours too, which I will then put up for sale on www.etsy.com at a price of £4.00 or there about.

Before I do this though I wanted to get your opinions, would you buy this greeting card for a friend or family? (The small type in the corner of this card would not be included as it was specific to my sister's birthday only).

Let me know what you think :)

(Note: the small tear on this card would not happen when silk screened, it was due to hand crafting the red using masking tape and acrylic)

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Probably not, but only because I think you're asking the wrong question for this audience.

It looks really nice; creative, well-executed, etc, but we'd be more likely to make our own than to buy one. Your sales target is of people who are less likely to have the talent or know-how to do create a card themselves. Maybe a more appropriate question would be "Is this worth selling on etsy?".

Yes. Definitely.

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Thank you microspective, what you are saying makes sense, I actually never thought of it like that. I would answer the same if somebody made a similar post, I always make my own so why would I buy one.

In response, for future answers, can you all answer the question "Is this worth selling on Etsy"?
Thanks :)

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Sure thing!

To clarify, readers, the originally posed question was "Would you buy this?".

; )

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I think if you marketed it properly—description of materials/method, nice photographs—it might sell.

At the moment, I can't see why anyone would pay £4 for it. I don't browse etsy much these days, is that the market rate for a card like this?

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I understand what you're saying, if I explain that it is hand screen printed on 200gsm rough finish grey card etc.. and sell it properly, it might reach the target market better?

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