A font out of which the bejeezus has already been ligated.

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I want to ligate the bejeezus out of a font, or find a font out of which the bejeezus has already been ligated.

What I'm thinking of is mechanical single-line lettering like the inside line of the CNN logo (the "cable" in the Cable News Network), something you could theoretically craft out of neon tubing or engrave with a rotary tool.

The caps in Bryant are close to workable, except for letters like "C", which would need to terminate horizontally to be connected to, say, a "T." I'm sure I'll end up creating these letters myself, but it would be nice to see how others have done it, to get a sense of what I want to emulate or do differently.

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Thank you, that's along the right lines, but I'm hoping for something closer to a basic, unadorned sans, but connected. Expletive is a bit curly and FIG is a bit angular for me.

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Heh, worth a shot.

It's an interesting proposition. There are plenty of sans faces now including ligatures in their character sets, but they tend to be just for standard letter combinations or just alternative presentations of characters (for example, an LL lig where the second l is shorter and sits inside the first).

The new(ish) ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro restores all the classic ligatures, in OpenType, that have been unavailable for years. There are ligs of both the above types in the mix, but perhaps they will prove useful. I fear that you may have to bite the bullet and create your own type, or heavily customise an existing one. Remember that, short of using a script face (like the ones I post above), typographers cannot logistically create ligs for every conceivable combination of characters.


Good luck!


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Well, I suppose a font that has already done the work for me would be a challenge along the lines of Ed Interlock. But one that provides the basic shapes and lets me do the connecting would be useful.

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What do you need this for? Just a few words, or a lot of text?

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Irma is a sans with lots of crazy ligatures.

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Also Fedra Sans Display 1 and 2. Open “humanist” like terminals are helpful if you want to do something like this on your own.

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Just a few words. I hadn't heard of Irma and Fedra, those look promising!

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I had forgotten about all the ligatures in Mrs. Eaves! Doesn't work for me now, but thanks for the reminder.

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Torque would be highly amenable to this kind of tweaking.

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Speaking of neon tubes, have you seen Ohm?

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Not quite what you are looking for, but I've been working on this on and off for a couple of years:

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