What is this distressed impact font please?

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Can anybody identify this for me please? I'm presuming the distressed effect has been added. I think it may be the same or similar to the one Sky One used for their LOST promos.

Thanks for your help.

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Maybe Impact ;-)
Please note that the dents and scratches in the two R's and A's are not the same. It is quite likely they were added with a graphics program.


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It's definitely NOT Impact. Nonono. The kick on the R is more akin to Helvetica Inserat. Impact was, however, used for Lost promos and DVD boxart.

I've had a look in all the usual places, but all the Helvetica variants appear to be too wide and/or friendly to be this. It's also not Hoefler's Champion, though it's closer; but bowl on the R is too flat on the vertical.

But enough about what it's not...what IS it?


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Thanks guys, I'm loving JC Corrido so that may be the one to use if we can't work out what this one is! Thanks for the help so far...

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The R reminded me of H&FJ's Knockout, but the E doesn't seem to match.

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