Just Another Foundry releases Peacock

Tim Ahrens's picture

Just Another Foundry proudly presents:
Brian Jaramillo's fabulous new display font, JAF Peacock.

Peacock is a collaboration between Brian Jaramillo and Tim Ahrens. Jaramillo completed most of the glyphs in 2007, and contacted Ahrens to help with the OpenType. Ahrens helped refine the typeface, and set-up the OpenType features. After a period of inactivity, the duo decided during the summer of 2010 to give Peacock a final push to retail.

The typeface features 1239 glyphs.

Contextual and stylistic alternates are accessible via the OpenType pop-up menu on the Character palette in InDesign. In addition, any alternate glyphs can be selected manually via the Glyph palette.

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