Modern, humanist and simple font?

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Hello Everybody,

I am in search of a modern, humanist and simple sans-serif font which looks like Dax.
(It may be rounded. Np.)

Also, i need rounded version of Helvetica. I have "Helvetica Rounded" (Linotype) but i think it is too rounded. I need less rounded of "Helvetica Rounded".

Any suggestions?


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Sounds like Barmeno?

HTH Andreas

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Thanks but I need more suggestions.

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The new "Ubuntu" font?

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I wouldn't exactly call Dax humanist, despite what Wiki says.
This is a humanist sans.
And this, like Dax, is a condensed modernist sans.
In Dax, the elimination of tangential lower case joints is modernist, in a reductive manner.
(Both support Turkish, BTW.)

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A less rounded Helvetica Rounded simply does not exist. Calibri is very nice and has slightly rounded curves but isn't Helvetica.

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I know this is old, but it seems you guys didn't notice what nenasilniye was up to right before starting this thread:

And I hope he/she didn't end up pirating fonts mentioned in this thread.


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