Same old ... sci-fi ... square sans

Further to earlier discussions about SF movie designers’ inability to think beyond Bank Gothic and Eurostile...


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At least it's not Trajan.
Those days are gone.

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Well, Bank Gothic is readable. Stop, for example, is not. And Amelia is dated as well as not being as readable as one might like.

I'll admit that even... Ibis... ought to be futuristic enough to be worth considering, though. And there's Futura.

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Mind you, the makers of mockup posters for crap fictional movies are clearly wise to this, too:

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Those fake posters were done by the agency I work for. The direction was to make them as stereotypical action as possible. The art director that did them was in hog heaven, he had so much fun doing it.

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"he had so much fun doing it."
I'll bet. LOL.

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