I need a help to choose an font to match with my design

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I'm building a website for an law firm. My client has no logo, then I used Trajan Pro to make the ID (my focus isnt logo at now).

My focus is that welcome text (Bem Vindo in portuguese) I can't find a font that looks great to do it with others element (logo, menu and that text above).

Somebody can give me ideas? Thanks.

PS: That Picture have the company's brands fotolia because I have not bought it. I'm just doing tests.


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no hints?

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Upper and lower case of a regular weight, slightly condensed serif face would "bridge the gap" between the logo and sans type, e.g. my Pratt.

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The best way is to use the same font for logo and headlines. But Trajan isn't the best choice for this. It's overused, even in Brazil.

You can achieve a very classy, elegant result with Arno Pro or Girando Pro. As these fonts have small caps, beautiful ligatures and ornaments, you can play with these variations in titles. Other options in this line: Williams Caslon, Documenta, Lyon Text.

Calluna is beautiful, but maybe a bit playful for lawyers. Minion is great, but it's becoming very common (even ZH uses it). In a less traditional approach you can test Stuart or Expo Serif.

Your client will need to combine numbers with its logo and headlines. So pay special attention to numbers (old style or lining, normal or Roman-like 1, etc.). Some fonts have the old style zero like a simple ring to differentiate from lowercase o, and this produces an uneven and ugly result (IMHO).

If you need to keep Trajan for the logo, I second Nick's Pratt.

If you have choice about the sans, there are many options to scape the Arial/Helvetica world. Unit, Proxima Nova, Interstate, Info Text, Milo, The Sans, Gotham, Dobra and Flama are some I remember now.

Meta and Meta Serif have excellent reputation, but I dislike their accents, a decisive question to Portuguese texts.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Guys!!

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The overall look is not very subtle -- you should go for a more understated look and I feel that letterspacing is the way to go: space those (small) caps and it improves!

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Hello dear all,

This is Lilly and am new to this forum. The best way to use same font for logo and headlines.Thank you.

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