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I'm having issues with the kearning between the 'K' and 'O' in this logo project and I'm hoping a fresh set of eyes can help me out. Does it need to be tightened up a hair more? Also, any other feedback regarding the kearning would be great.

The logo is just about final after a LONG process, so I only need help with the letterspacing.

'KOURY' is set in DIN Black.


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To be perfectly honest I think the kerning (tracking) is fine :) I think if you tightened it it would look more even at the top but would then make it awkwardly close at the bottom so I would leave it as it is.

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tdabner -- Thanks so much for the fresh set of eyes!

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Not a problem, I hope it helps you :)

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I am not a professional, but I would say that the »O« looks smaller than the other characters; the upper and lower arcs should shoot over the upper and base line – same problem with the »U«, the lower arc should end below the base line. Else it looks like those two characters are floating …
Those are the things that irritate me, but the kerning should be just fine.

Hope you understand what I wrote, I am from Germany hence not a native English speaker.

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Upon a second look I think Alexej may be right, especially with the O. It almost looks like it is being eaten by the K. A minor change can fix this :) as Alexej said previously.

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Alexej + tdabner:

Thanks for the discerning eyes. I've attached a grid shot of 'KOURY' set in DIN Black. The 'O' and 'U' do extend below the baseline, but only a by a hair.


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Maybe increase this by a hair still? I'm not sure, after seeing the grid and looking back at the original I can see that it extends slightly, but I couldn't see this before you pointed it out so it's maybe still something to consider.

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Now that you both mention it, I can see how the 'O' and 'U' look smaller than the rest of the letters. I am going to try tweeking the letterforms so it looks optically correct. Let me know what you think of the 2 new options.

1. Original
2. O & U extended vertically
3. O & U extended vertically more

Thanks again!

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I think the last one looks better proportioned now :) Nice job.

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Something was driving me a little crazy with this logo, and I thought it was just the kearning... but I guess it was optically off because of the O & U.

Thank you both again for all your help! I truly appreciate it.

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