Typeface Classifications.

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I am working on a typeface and I am wondering which classification it could possibly be? I don’t know if you are familiar with the DIN 16518 classification http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_16518 or/and any other ones? Are they any good anyhow? How would you describe this attached one? I am tending to come up with something like "Serifenlose Klassizistische Antiqua" which could be translated as serifless neo-classical antiqua. :)

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Yes, it's a sans serif didone.

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I wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about classifications, at least not until the work is complete.

The old DIN classification would probably throw this into the »Antiqua-Varianten« pot;
in German, you could indeed call it a serifenlose klassizistische Antiqua

This might be of interest to you:

http://www.typolexikon.de/s/index.html >see »Schriftklassifikation«

It looks good btw!

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Hej, thanks for the info! I will look into the Lexikon.
Regards, Timo

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