kerning pairs inconsistencies?

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Hi everyone,

this question has been bugging me for quite some time: some font families have extensive kerning pairs for most fonts and weights but some fonts within the family have no kerning pairs. And I'm not talking decorative type nor expert or symbol cuts here - just proper text typefaces, bought and never altered. Sometimes it's some italics or caps or some larger weights that lack kernign pairs while other italics or caps or larger weights in that same family have them.

A few times there seemed to be a kind of logic behing it (e.g. only italics had no kerning pairs in all weights) but most times it seems random to me. For example, FF Balance Bold Caps has no kerning pairs and Black Caps has 864 pairs. Why? FF Quadraat has several cuts without kerning, FF Meta too.

Another question: why does the number of defined kerning pairs within one font family vary so much from one font to another (from like 2500 to 750 and then to 70)?

Thanks very much!

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Different wights of the same family will have different negative space around the characters; so, if overall type color doesn't benefit from kerning, then don't kern.

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