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Hi Everyone,

I've started doing freelance jobs with wedding/event planners and wanted to come up with a business card that speaks to my new clientele. The card will be letterpressed. It's minimal but I was hoping the typography and tactile feeling of the letterpress would carry it through and give it a classic elegant look and feel.

One last note: to get the deal on letterpressing this must be one color black and one sided.

I really would love to know what you think, any opinions, criticism, anything at all!


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My eye wants the /or/ in Pryor to be connected.
Where the swash off the /e/ gets thick, perhaps it comes to the fore too much (it shouldn't grab attention more than the letters in your name).
Text at bottom looks too tightly spaced? (Keep in mind letterpress will spread the strokes a bit.)
I think you could do without the dotted lines - maybe just keep the top horizontal one?

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I think you can manipulate the negative space better and in doing so connect the two elements better. Right now it just looks like two different objects on one card.

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