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Typophile has a very nice mention in this month's eDesign. Also with a mention of Punchcut and some of the bigger names that roam the halls. Congratulations Typophile!


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Here's a scan of the review. Everyone should go out and look for this magazine. I think it has some good information, at least for us novices.

 eDesign Scan

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Copy from the article courtesy of Tiffany:

Designed and maintained by California-based Punchcut, Typophile is a lively meeting place for typeface designers. After a Flashy intro, the site opens and the eye is immediately drawn to the Hot Threads menu, which notes new topics in the cleanly organized forums that are the heart of the site. There, members talk type, debate over fonts and design, and seek and provide criticism. Elsewhere in the site, the Gallery section highlights the first 50 typefaces posted for critique. The Articles area features interviews (past subjects include Jonathan Hoefler of the Hoefler Type Foundry and Matthew Bardram of Atomic Media) and editorials (Hoefler classifying type, Brian Wilson of Three Island Press on font thievery). The site is not just for the typoscenti; laymen, too, can tour the free interactive courses (Type Styles 101, Intro to Type Design 110). Downloads include a lettering template, Lorem Typophile Ipsum (filler text that is more fun than lorem ipsum), and The Typophile Channel (a plug-in that interfaces with Macintosh's built-in Sherlock too to allow user to search dozens of type sites from their desktop).

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